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#3086 : Bio-informatics support for the LeiSHield project
Topics :
Organisms :
Group :
Name of Applicant : Gerald Spaeth
Date of application : 08-01-2016
Unit : Molecular Parasitology and Signaling
Location : calmette 2nd floor
Phone : 0140613858
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

BioHub LeiSHield project This proposal summarizes the contribution of the BioHub to the LeiSHield action that may be carried out by a single BioHub Leishmania coordinator (Giovanni Bussotti). The coordinator will be implicated in the following actions: 1) Establish the link between LeiSHield members and the BioHub team for all questions regarding data analysis and interpretation. The coordinator will present to the BioHub the bio-informatics needs of the LeiSHield partners. Short (easy) tasks will be answered directly (following the BioHub open door strategy). For more involved tasks i twill be asked to deposit projects via the C3BI web site. 2) Coordinate the setup of an HTseq analysis pipeline, including quality control, read mapping, determination of CNV and SNPs, and data visualization using a combination of tools available at the BioHub, such as SyntView and Listeriomics. A link to Cedric Notredame will be established as scripts for Leishmania have been created there. 3) Oversee the submission of DNA from the different LeiSHield WPs to the IP HTseq facility, follow the progress, store the acquired data, and dispatch the datasets to the corresponding WP leaders. This will be coordinate with the Biomix infrastrcuture. 4) Apply the HTseq analysis pipeline (see point 1) on selected data sets for defined work packages, including WP4 (“Analysis of newly isolated anthroponotic L. donovani s.l. strains from Cyprus and correlation of genotypic profiles to tropism and drug resistance”), WP6 (“Population genetics of Brazilian L. infantum isolates from endemic areas presenting distinct transmission cycle”), WP7 (“Leishmania dovovani genome sequence diversity and disease tropism in the Sudan”), and WP9 (“Systems-wide analysis of Leishmania genomic and transcriptomic adaptation”). 5) Co-organize a course on HTseq data visualization (June 2016) with members of the BioHub team.

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Service Delivery
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Project Type : Long
Status : Closed
Publication : 10.1038/s41559-017-0361-x

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