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#3456 : individual-nucleotide resolution Cross-Linking and ImmunoPrecipitation (iCLIP) of Argonaute proteins in C. elegans
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Name of Applicant : Germano CECERE
Date of application : 03-02-2016
Unit : Mechanisms of Epigenetic Inheritance
Location : Monod – 5th floor – room 04C
Phone : 01 40 61 32 25
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Project context and summary :

We are mapping the interactions between argonaute proteins and their target RNAs at nucleotide resolution to reveals preferential binding sites on RNAs

Related team publications :
Global effects of the CSR-1 RNA interference pathway on the transcriptional landscape. Cecere G, Hoersch S, O’Keeffe S, Sachidanandam R, Grishok A. Nature Structural & Molecular BIology. 2014
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Status : Declined

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