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#3907 : secretome analysis of human intestinal cells during shigella invasion
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Name of Applicant : nathalie sauvonnet
Date of application : 16-02-2016
Unit : Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis
Location : Duclaux aile Bertrand 1st floor room 8
Phone : 0145688433
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Project context and summary :

  Shigella is an enteroinvasive bacterium that induces bacillary dysentery. It invades human intestinal epithelial cells causing the inflammatory destruction of the colonic epithelium. Our previous work reported that Shigella inhibits the secretion of its host cell (Mounier et al Cell Host Microbes 2012) via several virulent proteins injected by the bacterium such as IpaJ and VirA. These two effectors may have redundant action. Thus, to address the effect of Shigella on the secretome of its host cell and in particular define the precise action of IpaJ and VirA, we conducted a mass spectrometry (MS) analysis on apical (A) and basal (B) secretion of polarized infected human intestinal cells using several strains: wild type (WT), avirulent strain (mxiD) and mutated strains either on virA, ipaJ or both (virAipaJ) and compared to non-infected cells (NI). We have in total 6 infection conditions and we collected apical and basal secretion medium (total 12 MS data). Most of the conditions were done in triplicate. We have now these quantitative MS data (excel file) that gave between 300 (basal secretion) to 1000 proteins (apical secretion) secreted differently among the different conditions. We need your collaboration to analyze our data to: Check whether our protein candidates are in databases of secreted factors Obtain protein clusters of our hits among the 6 conditions used (12 datasets)

Related team publications :
Shigella effector IpaB-induced cholesterol relocation disrupts the Golgi complex and recycling network to inhibit host cell secretion. Mounier J, Boncompain G, Senerovic L, Lagache T, Chr├ętien F, Perez F, Kolbe M, Olivo-Marin JC, Sansonetti PJ, Sauvonnet N. Cell Host Microbe. 2012 Sep 13;12(3):381-9.
Cell Surface Proteomic Map of HIV Infection Reveals Antagonism of Amino Acid Metabolism by Vpu and Nef. Matheson NJ, Sumner J, Wals K, Rapiteanu R, Weekes MP, Vigan R, Weinelt J, Schindler M, Antrobus R, Costa AS, Frezza C, Clish CB, Neil SJ, Lehner PJ.
Secretome protein signature of human pancreatic cancer stem-like cells. Brandi J, Pozza ED, Dando I, Biondani G, Robotti E, Jenkins R, Elliott V, Park K, Marengo E, Costello E, Scarpa A, Palmieri M, Cecconi D. J Proteomics. 2016 Feb 2;136:1-12.
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Status : Closed

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