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#4336 : Comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of Clostridium baratii strains
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Name of Applicant : Christelle MAZUET
Date of application : 01-03-2016
Unit : Anaerobe Bacteria and Toxins
Location : 61-01-04
Phone : 8456
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Project context and summary :

The first two cases in France of botulism due to Clostridium baratii type F were identified in November 2014, in the same family. Both cases required prolonged respiratory assistance. One of the cases had extremely high toxin serum levels and remained paralysed for two weeks. Investigations strongly supported the hypothesis of a common exposure during a family meal with high level contamination of the source. However, all analyses of leftover food remained negative. Clostridium baratii was isolated from stool specimens from the two patients. A second cluster of three cases of food-borne botulism due to Clostridium baratii type F occurred in France in August 2015. All cases required respiratory assistance. Consumption of a Bolognese sauce at the same restaurant was the likely source of contamination. Clostridium baratii was isolated both from stool specimens from the three patients and ground meat used to prepare the sauce. This is the second episode reported in France caused by this rare pathogen. One strain from the first cluster and four from the second one have been sequenced (Illumina technology). A complete genome of a C. baratii strain (Sullivan) isolated from adult stool in 2007 in New York is available in Genbank (chromosome: CP006905; plasmid: CP006906).

Related team publications :
Euro Surveill. 2015 Feb 12;20(6).
Euro Surveill. 2016 Jan 28;21(4).
Clinical Microbiology & Case Reports 2015 Mar 12 Volume 1 • Issue 1 • 008
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
Publication : 10.1371/currents.outbreaks.6ed2fe754b58a5c42d0c33d586ffc606
Global Satisfaction for this application : Pretty Good (4/5)

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