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#5310 : Patho-evolution of mycobacterial strains
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Name of Applicant : Eva Boritsch
Date of application : 31-03-2016
Unit : Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics
Location : Guérin - 2 - 08
Phone : 3093
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Project context and summary :

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an extremely successful, aerosol-transmitted human pathogen, thought to have evolved from a Mycobacterium canettii-like progenitor. In contrast, extant M. canettii strains are rare, genetically diverse and geographically restricted mycobacteria of only marginal epidemiological importance. Comparative genome studies of several Mycobacterium canettii strains previously identified genetic events that contribute to the contrasting evolutionary success observed between M. canettii and M. tuberculosis strains. In this project we now focus on the genetic factors required for the emergence of highly specialised, virulent tuberculosis bacilli.

Related team publications :
Supply et al. Genomic analysis of smooth tubercle bacilli provides insights into ancestry and pathoadaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nature Genetics 2013; 45(2):172-9.
Boritsch et al. pks5-recombination-mediated surface remodelling in Mycobacterium tuberculosis emergence. Nature Microbiology 2016; doi:10.1038/nmicrobiol.2015.19.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Awaiting Publication

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