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#5679 : Collaboration with the hub to develop ChiPseq and ATACseq analysis pipelines
Topics :
Organisms :
Group :
Name of Applicant : Jean-Yves Coppee
Date of application : 29-04-2016
Unit : Transcriptome and EpiGenome
Location : BioTop, 2nd floor
Phone : 0145688651
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

The Transcriptome and EpiGenome platform has a strong expertise in the bioinformatical and statistical analysis of RNA seq data. Nevertheless, we have more and more demands for the use of NGS to characterize the epigenome (using ChIPseq approach) or  chromatine accessibility (by ATAC-seq) .We thus need to further develop and validate analysis workflows for these types of data. This project aims at developing and formalizing collaboration between the platform and some experts in this field at the hub. This would include: joint project kic-off meetings, development and validation of ChIPseq and ATACseq analysis pipelines (notably including data preprocessing, reads mapping, peak calling...).

Related team publications :
Overexpression of the Heterochromatinization Factor BAHD1 in HEK293 Cells Differentially Reshapes the DNA Methylome on Autosomes and X Chromosome. Libertini E, Lebreton A, Lakisic G, Dillies MA, Beck S, Coppée JY, Cossart P, Bierne H Front Genet. 2015 Dec 1;6:339
Role of the BAHD1 Chromatin-Repressive Complex in Placental Development and Regulation of Steroid Metabolism. Lakisic G, Lebreton A, Pourpre R, Wendling O, Libertini E, Radford EJ, Le Guillou M, Champy MF, Wattenhofer-Donzé M, Soubigou G, Ait-Si-Ali S, Feunteun J, Sorg T, Coppée JY, Ferguson-Smith AC, Cossart P, Bierne H.PLoS Genet. 2016 Mar 3;12(3):e1005898
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Project Type : Medium
Status : Closed
Global Satisfaction for this application : Excellent (5/5)

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