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#6510 : IgBlast on Galaxy
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Name of Applicant : Thierry Hieu
Date of application : 01-06-2016
Unit : Humoral Response to Pathogens
Location : BIME-2-26
Phone : 0145688828
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Project context and summary :

We would like to be able to use IgBlast on the Galaxy platform. We are studying B cells in adaptive immune response, and are particularly interested in the antibodies termed as broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs). By definition, these antibodies can neutralize most known HIV-1 strains, and are produced by rare infected individuals several years post-infection. We are currently investigating the bNabs immunoglobulin repertoire by focusing our NGS (454 pyrosequencing) analysis onĀ  immunoglobulin sequences (V-domains) from HIV-infected patients who developed bNAbs. As immunoglobulin sequences result from the combinatorial rearrangement of 3 gene segments : V , (D) and J gene segments, we need a specific tool to analyze these sequences. Indentifying the germline genes which are involved in the rearrangment is an essential step. Two main tools are being widely used to analyze Immunoglobulins: IMGT and IgBlast. IgBlast has several advantages; it is based on BLAST (it is then possible for the user to build his own database), open source, can use protein or nucleotide sequences as input, and most of all, IgBlast is already installed on the Institut Pasteur's cluster as well as the germline genes database. As it would be very convenient for us to use the bic cluster and galaxy platform to run our analyzes, we would be grateful if IgBlast could be implemented in the Pasteur Galaxy Platform. In this regard, we are of course fully disposed to help in any ways. We also believe that it would be very useful to people working on immunoglobulin sequences in the immunology department by building specific pipelines. Thank you very much.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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