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#6579 : Novel protein interaction in the assembly of photosynthetic prokaryotic complexes
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Name of Applicant : Galyna Kufryk
Date of application : 07-06-2016
Unit : Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions
Location : Biotop-4 floor-room 5A
Phone : 8400
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Project context and summary :

This project is intended to explore the novel protein interactions that are involved in the protein folding in cyanobacteria. Slr0286 was previously identified as a protein interacting with the D2 protein of photosystem 2 and affecting its functional assembly and stability in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. The gene that encodes this protein appears to be in one operon with slr0285 in all strains where these two genes are found. This may suggest the functional relationship between the products of these genes. We would like to explore the question of whether these genes co-evolved and whether there could be an evidence of interaction between Slr0285 and Slr0286.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Pending

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