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#6803 : Identification of promoteur-overlaping antisense transcription
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Name of Applicant : Gwenael Badis-Bréard
Date of application : 13-07-2016
Unit : Genetics of Macromolecular Interactions
Location : 68-04-4018
Phone : 33 31
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Project context and summary :

Analysing the transcriptome of exponentially grown or stationary phase yeasts in a genetic background that stabilises pervasive transcipts, we identified a first subset of ≈ 140 antisense transcripts anti-correlated with gene transcripts that are specifically expressed in quiescence. We are further investigating whether these genes are subject to a transcriptional interference and what are the mechanisms underlying this regulation. More in detail, we would like to analyse the loci where an antisense ncRNA are detected.

Related team publications :
Elife. 2015 Apr 23;4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.06722. Quality control of transcription start site selection by nonsense-mediated-mRNA decay. Malabat C, Feuerbach F, Ma L, Saveanu C, Jacquier A.
Widespread bidirectional promoters are the major source of cryptic transcripts in yeast. Neil H, Malabat C, d\'Aubenton-Carafa Y, Xu Z, Steinmetz LM, Jacquier A. Nature. 2009 Feb 19;457(7232):1038-42. doi: 10.1038/nature07747. Epub 2009 Jan 25.
Cell. 2005 Jun 3;121(5):725-37. Cryptic pol II transcripts are degraded by a nuclear quality control pathway involving a new poly(A) polymerase. Wyers F1, Rougemaille M, Badis G, Rousselle JC, Dufour ME, Boulay J, Régnault B, Devaux F, Namane A, Séraphin B, Libri D, Jacquier A.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
Global Satisfaction for this application : Excellent (5/5)

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