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#7188 : Genomic differences of the same strains preserved in different culture collections
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Name of Applicant : Dominique Clermont
Date of application : 07-10-2016
Unit : Department of Microbiology
Location : Duclaux aile Fourneau RDC bas pi├Ęce 21B
Phone : 0140613104
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Project context and summary :

Bacterial strains used for quality control (e. g. fertility and viability controls) are recommended in different ISO norms. Each strain is at least deposited in two different collections. So, equivalent strains are found in different collections. Their preservation is generally performed by freeze-drying. As control strains, they are much distributed, thereby, new freeze-dried batches have been done in the course of time. The submitted project aims to see what impact has the long-term strain preservation at the genomic level and if control strains preserved in two different collections can always be considered as equivalent.

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Status : Closed

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