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#7409 : Development of top-down proteomics for clinical microbiology
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Name of Applicant : Julia Chamot-Rooke
Date of application : 17-11-2016
Unit : Structural Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
Location : F. Jacob, Second Floor
Phone : +33140613859
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Project context and summary :

Rapid and accurate identification of microorganisms is a prerequisite for appropriate patient care and infection control. In the last decade, Mass Spectrometry (MS) has revolutionized the field of clinical microbiology with the introduction of MALDI-TOF for rapid microbial identification. However, MALDI-TOF MS suffers from important limitations. Some bacteria remain difficult to identify, either because they do not give a specific profile or because the database lacks the appropriate reference. In addition, the discriminatory power of the technique is often insufficient for reliably differentiating sub-species within species or clones within sub-species. More importantly, virulence or resistance determinants cannot be characterized, which is a severe obstacle for appropriate patient care and antibiotics prescription in hospitals. In recent years, proteomics approaches have been increasingly used to study host-pathogen interactions. State-of-the-art bottom-up approaches rely on the enzymatic digestion of proteins and LC-MS/MS analysis of peptides. In contrast, top-down proteomics is an emerging technology based on the analysis of intact proteins by high-resolution mass spectrometry. The major advantage of top-down proteomics is its ability to address protein variations and characterize proteoforms arising from alternative splicing, allelic variation, or post-translational modification. We have recently set-up a robust top-down proteomics platform for the analysis of intact bacterial proteomes. Our final objective¬†is to use this platform to better characterize bacterial pathogens in a clinical context, but a major requirement to achieve this goal is to build up accurate bacterial proteoform databases.  

Related team publications :
Proteoform: a single term describing protein complexity. L.M. Smith, N. L. Kelleher and the Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics, Nature Methods 10 (3), 186-187 (2013).
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Project Type : Short
Status : In Progress

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