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#7528 : Characterization of the specific TCR repertoire preferentially expressed in spontaneously controlled HIV infection
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Name of Applicant : Valentina Libri
Date of application : 12-12-2016
Unit : Center for Translational Science
Location : 27-01-03D
Phone : 8581
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Project context and summary :

The rare patients who spontaneously control HIV replication in the absence of therapy show signs of a particularly efficient cellular immune response. To identify the molecular determinants underlying this response, we characterized the TCR repertoire directed at the most immunodominant CD4 epitope in HIV-1 capsid, Gag293. HIV Controllers from the ANRS CO21 CODEX cohort showed a highly skewed TCR repertoire characterized by a predominance of the TRAV24 and TRBV2 variable gene families. Controllers shared public clonotypes at higher frequencies than treated patients, suggesting the implication of particular TCRs in HIV control (Benati D. et al., J Clin Invest 2016).   We propose to test the generality of these findings by characterizing the TCRs specific for a series of immunodominant HIV Gag and Env epitopes, and comparing the frequencies of public clonotypes in groups of HIV Controllers and treated patients. We will then assay the functions of the most prevalent public clonotypes through lentivector-based TCR transfer, and correlate the panel of T cell functions to TCR affinity and frequency.

Related team publications :
Benati D. et al., J Clin Invest 2016
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Status : Declined

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