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#7596 : Immune control of the gut microbiota and lifespan of A. stephensi.
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Name of Applicant : Emmanuel Bischoff
Date of application : 13-12-2016
Unit : Genetic and Genomics of Insects Vectors
Location : Bâtiment Sergent (25) > 3ème étage > 06A
Phone : 01 40 61 37 18
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Project context and summary :

Anopheles mosquitoes are the vectors of Plasmodium parasites, the etiological agents of malaria in humans. In Anopheles gambiae, a major vector in Africa, parasite transmission is largely under genetic control. We have previously shown that a gene family is implicated in the immune control of the parasite in this vector. The response of the family members is pathogen-specific, with one controlling P. falciparum infection and the other controlling rodent parasites. Recently, the genome of Anopheles stephensi, the major Asian vector, has been sequenced and, in this species, there is only one gene. Knocking down this gene reduced lifespan of A. stephensi and antibiotic treatment restores a normal longevity, suggesting the implication of the gut microbiota. Therefore, we conducted a metagenomic analysis in order to identify the bacteria responsible for the shorten of the mosquito lifespan.

Related team publications :
1. Riehle M.M., Markianos K., Niare O., Xu J., Li J., Toure A.M., Podiougou B., Oduol F., Diawara S., Diallo M., Coulibaly B., Ouatara A., Kruglyak L., Traore S.F. and Vernick K.D. (2006). Natural malaria infection in Anopheles gambiae is regulated by a single genomic control region. Science, 312(5773): 577-9.
2. Mitri C., Jacques J.C., Thiery I., Riehle M.M., Xu J., Bischoff E., Morlais I., Nsango S.E., Vernick K.D. and Bourgouin C. (2009). Fine pathogen discrimination within the APL1 gene family protects Anopheles gambiae against human and rodent malaria species. PLoS Pathog, 5(9): e1000576.
3. Jiang X., Peery A., Hall A.B., Sharma A., Chen X.G., Waterhouse R.M., Komissarov A., Riehle M.M., Shouche Y., Sharakhova M.V., Lawson D., Pakpour N., Arensburger P., Davidson V.L., Eiglmeier K., Emrich S., George P., Kennedy R.C., Mane S.P., Maslen G., Oringanje C., Qi Y., Settlage R., Tojo M., Tubio J.M., Unger M.F., Wang B., Vernick K.D., Ribeiro J.M., James A.A., Michel K., Riehle M.A., Luckhart S., Sharakhov I.V. and Tu Z. (2014). Genome analysis of a major urban malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles stephensi. Genome Biol, 15(9): 459.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
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Global Satisfaction for this application : Excellent (5/5)

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