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#7834 : Role of PerR-regulated oxidative stress response in pathogen Leptospira virulence
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Name of Applicant : Nadia Benaroudj
Date of application : 07-02-2017
Unit : Biology of Spirochetes
Location : Biotop - 3rd floor-room 16
Phone : 3746
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Pathogen leptospires are responsible for the zoonotic disease leptospirosis. This neglected but emerging infectious disease has a worldwide distribution and affects people from developing countries, mostly under tropical areas. The clinical manifestations of this infection range from a febrile state to a severe life-threatening form characterized by multiple organ hemorrhages. More than one million cases of leptospirosis are currently reported annually in the word, with 10% of mortality. During infection, Leptospira are confronted with dramatic adverse environmental changes such as deadly reactive oxygen species (ROS). Defenses against ROS, e.g. peroxidase activity, are crucial for Leptospira virulence. These defense mechanisms are controlled by PerR (Peroxide stress Regulator), which represses peroxidase-encoding genes. We study the role of PerR regulators in Leptospira virulence and adaptation to oxidative stress.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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