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#7841 : Research of SNPs to explain the non virulent phenotype of a mutant of L. interrogans serovar Manilae L495 affecting the expression of a protein not involved in virulence
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Name of Applicant : Catherine WERTS
Date of application : 08-02-2017
Unit : Biology and Genetics of Bacterial Cell Wall
Location : 02-Rdc Bas -08A
Phone : 0144389508
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We are studying mutants of L. interrogans obtained after random mutagenesis (M58) along with complemented mutant strain (C5M58), constructed using a secondary random mutagenesis. The M58 mutant was found non virulent in gerbils and mice, but the C5M58 strain showing restored expression of the protein, is also non virulent. We have another mutant strain (M1901) in the same gene that retained its virulence, which is the expected phenotype. We are interested in findings SNPs present in both mutant M58 and complemented  C5M58 strains that are absent from the parental L495 and M1901. This approach  could give hints about the gene(s) involved in the loss of virulence.

Related team publications :
Ratet etal, 2014, PLOS NTD
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
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