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#8002 : Genetic profile of patients with dyslexia
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Name of Applicant : Claire Leblond
Date of application : 06-03-2017
Unit : Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions
Location : Fernbach
Phone : 0145688399
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Background: Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal intelligence. It affects 5–10% of school-age children. Familial studies repeatedly showed that first-degree relatives of affected individuals have a 30–50% risk of developing the disorder. Twin studies showed that heritability was approximately 50% with a higher concordance rate for monozygotic twins compared to dizygotic twins. Although genetic factors contribute to dyslexia, very little is known on the genes associated with the condition. Preliminary data: Our project consists in the complementary analysis of (i) a cohort of 209 patients with dyslexia, 89 relatives and 95 very well phenotyped controls and (ii) an extended pedigree (Nantaise family) with 12 members diagnosed with dyslexia in three generations. For all the individuals of the project, we genotyped >600K SNPs in order to detect SNP association and copy-number variants (CNVs). For the extended pedigree, we also used linkage analysis and whole genome sequence (WGS). Our preliminary results indicate that a single region on chromosome 7q36 is segregating with dyslexia in the Nantaise family. The region is located within CNTNAP2, a gene previously proposed as a susceptibility gene, but without formal proof of its association. The WGS data of three affected and three unaffected individuals of the pedigree was performed to detect all the variants in the linkage region. Project: We proposed to use this unique resource in France to characterize the genetic profile of patients with dyslexia. We will (i) detect the CNVs present in the patients and (ii) detect the variants in the linkage region.

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PMID: 22262880
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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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