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#8130 : Genomic analysis of catheter-related Escherichia coli infection
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Name of Applicant : Christophe BELOIN
Date of application : 28-03-2017
Unit : Genetics of Biofilms
Location : Duclaux-Aile Fourneaux R+2
Phone : 9597
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Project context and summary :

Escherichia coli is one of the major bacterial pathogens that are responsible for numerous nosocomial infections. While most of the E. coli infections are rather related to colonisation of the urinary tract there are rare, but complex to resolve, cases of E. coli infection of central veinous catheter. To determine whether the E. coli strains that colonize central veinous catheters have specific properties we have started a preliminary project where few E. coli strains responsible for such infections have been collected (4 strains) and a comparative phenotypic analysis has been initiated. To deepen this analysis the genome of these 4 strains has been sequenced and we expected to analyse these genomes to identify potential interesting features that can be link to the clinical context of these strains. Notably, it is expected that these strains of E. coli might carry some specific adhesion factors, virulence genes and potential antibiotic resistance. This project could lead to the identification of some interesting factors that can explain their tropism for central veinous catheters. It is envisionned that this project can be expanded to the analysis of more E. coli strains responsible for central veinous catheter-related infections, and thus could open the way for the development of either biological markers of such infection or fighting strategies against catheter-related infections.

Related team publications :
Beloin, C., Fernandez-Hidalgo, N., & Lebeaux, D. (2017). Understanding biofilm formation in intravascular device-related infections. Intensive Care Medicine, 43(3), 443–446.
Larsonneur, F., Martin, F. A., Mallet, A., Martinez-Gil, M., Semetey, V., Ghigo, J.-M., & Beloin, C. (2016). Functional analysis of Escherichia coli Yad fimbriae reveals their potential role in environmental persistence. Environmental Microbiology.
Lebeaux, D., Ghigo, J.-M., & Beloin, C. (2014). Biofilm-related infections: bridging the gap between clinical management and fundamental aspects of recalcitrance toward antibiotics. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews, 78(3), 510–543.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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