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#8217 : Evaluation of the GO annotation of the Leishmania donovani genome
Topics :
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Name of Applicant : Gerald Spaeth
Date of application : 24-04-2017
Unit : Molecular Parasitology and Signaling
Location : Calmette 2nd floor
Phone : poste 3858
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

We are generating massive amounts of omicsĀ data for Leishmania donovani. Anna Zukhova enabledĀ to use the BiNGO module of Cytoskape to perform and visualize our GO enrichment analyses. We would like to continue our collaboration and ask Anna's help to assess the current state of GO annotation of the Leishmania genome and if possible to complete it using domain searches or ortholog mapping from other genomes, including L. major, T. bruce or model organisms such as yeast. We expect that improvement of GO annotation will also us to better reveal enriched GO terms in our datasets and generate testable hypotheses.

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Status : Declined

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