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#8318 : Salmonella CRISPR database
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Name of Applicant : Laetitia Fabre
Date of application : 17-05-2017
Unit : Enteric Bacterial Pathogens
Location : Biotop 4ème
Phone : 8393
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Project context and summary :

CRISPR polymorphism is a powerful tool  to subtype Salmonella strains and is now used in routine for epidemiological investigations. The aim of this project is to transfer and upgrade a published and worldwide used webtool to extract the spacer content from fasta sequences or paired-end reads.

Related team publications :
CRISPR typing and subtyping for improved laboratory surveillance of Salmonella infections; Fabre et al, PLoS One, 2012
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
Global Satisfaction for this application : Pretty Good (4/5)

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