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#8788 : Super-resolution imaging and reconstructions of human cell chromosome architecture
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Name of Applicant : Xian Hao
Date of application : 22-08-2017
Unit : Imaging and Modeling
Location : Monod (66)-Ground floor-10
Phone : +33685869540
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Chromosomes are arranged non-randomly in the 3D space of cellular nuclei. This architecture is important to key biological processes including gene expression and DNA repair, but remains poorly understood in detail. Genome-wide chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) is currently the most powerful experimental technique to probe chromosomal structures. However, this technique does not directly provide a description of high-resolution chromosomal configurations in individual cells and remains blind to the dynamics of chromatin in live cells. In this research, we developed experimental imaging and associated computational approaches to describe the structures of chromosomes at high resolution in individual cells.

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Project Type : Short
Status : In Progress

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