Trainings – Leishield Training Course on Next Generation Sequencing

EVENT : C3BI Training – NGS Data Analysis

Leishield – Training Course on Next Generation Sequencing

Organizing Committee & Module coordinators : Fatma Z. Guerfali, Antonio V. Borderia,  Marie-Agnès Dillies, Christophe Malabat, from Institut Pasteur Tunis & C3BI

Date : from 30/11/2015 to 04/12/2015

Location : Pacific room – CIS (22), Institut Pasteur, Paris

The primary aim of this course was to provide a basic understanding of the Leishmania genome, NGS technology and analysis tools, and to develop a basic pipeline for the students to start working on their data. This first pipeline will help to standardize all analysis done in the consortium and should facilitate a posterior paper publication. This pipeline will evolve in the context of a collaboration between the Leishield partners and the C3BI, taking into account the difficulties to analyze and interpret the sequence data generated, and the specific needs of each Consortium node. A future Workshop will be organized in June 2016 to tackle all these questions, and to have a follow-up on the analysis.


The secondary aim of this course was to have a first contact between the C3BI and Leishield in order to establish a future collaboration. This course provided to the teachers and students, fertile ground to work together and exchange ideas.