Multi-omics data integration methods to study rare genetic diseases

EVENT : C3BI Seminars

Main speaker : Anaïs Baudot, from Networks and Systems Biology , Marseille Medical Genetics Unit (MMG)
Date : 11-03-2021 at 02:00 pm
Location : Teams (e-seminars) ,Institut Pasteur, Paris

Link to the seminar:


The technological advances and accumulation of biomedical datasets are yielding unprecedented opportunities to better understand genetic diseases but necessitate proper exploration and integration methods to unravel a complete picture of biological systems. I will discuss about the computational strategies we recently developed, using i) multilayer networks to integrate a large range of interactions, and associated exploration algorithms and ii) dimensionality reduction to extract biological knowledge simultaneously from multiple omics. On the application side, I will discuss about the analysis of rare genetic diseases, which raise various challenges: many patients are undiagnosed, phenotypes can be highly heterogeneous, and only a few treatments exist.

Selected associated publications & preprints
• Cantini, L., Zakeri, P., Hernandez, C., Naldi, A., Thieffry, D., Remy, E., Baudot, A., 2021. Benchmarking joint multi-omics dimensionality reduction approaches for the study of cancer. Nature Communications 12.
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