Profiling epitranscriptomic RNA modifications by Next-Generation Sequencing

EVENT : C3BI Seminars

Main speaker : Yuri Motorin, from Ingénierie Moléculaire et Physiopathologie Articulaire (IMoPA), Université de Lorraine, Nancy Date : 14-06-2018 at 11:00 am Location : Auditorium Jaques Monod – MONOD (66) ,Institut Pasteur, Paris

RNA modifications are emerging players in the field of posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression, and are attracting a comparable degree of research interest to DNA and histone modifications in the field of epigenetics. The true potential of only a handful out of more than 100 RNA modifications is currently emerging as the consequence of a leap in detection technology, principally associated with high-throughput sequencing. In the seminar I will outline the major developments in this field with thorougful discussion of detection principles, advantages and drawbacks of new high-throughput approaches, with particular focus on 2′-O-methylations in rRNA and tRNA.

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