Seminars – A leap forward in biological link prediction

EVENT : C3BI Seminars

A leap forward in biological link prediction

Main speaker : Itsvan Kovacs, from Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, Boston Date : 19/10/2017 at 02:00 pm Location : Module 1-2-3 – SOCIAL BUILDING (06) ,Institut Pasteur, Paris

Biological function emerges from the complex interplay between molecules in our cells, comprising the human interactome. While interactions between proteins play a central role in the interactome, current maps are still missing the majority of these interactions. State-of-the-art network-based link prediction tools rely on the triadic closure principle, stating that proteins are likely to interact if they share many of their interaction partners, utilizing network paths of length l=2. We show that this principle is valid only for the small fraction of self-interacting proteins, while it fails completely for the rest of the network. Supported by both evolutionary and protein structural arguments, we identify missing protein interactions based on l=3 paths. Our top predictions validate as well experimentally as known protein-protein interactions, outperforming previous methods at least 2-3 fold. Our Length 3 Association Prediction (L3AP) approach provides a fundamental biological principle with a broad potential applicability, including also protein associations (i.e. co-complex membership) information, enabling us to better understand the emergence of biological function under both healthy and pathological conditions.

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