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Short questions

If you have a simple question about bioinformatics and / or statistics, you can ask your question on this website. A mail is sent to all Hub members and one of them will answer you within a few hours.

Open desk

Come and discuss about your data, your project, your analyses or just about bioinformatics and biostatistics every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 in Yersin Building (24) 1st Floor. Hub members with complementary fields of expertise will be ready to answer your questions and discuss with you.

Collaborative projects

If you are starting a project or you are planning experiments and you need advice and / or help in bioinformatics and biostatistics to analyze your data or develop a specific software. Dedicated Hub members can be involved in your project from the beginning. We will acknowledge your submission and contact you to define more precisely your needs, the time and the expertise needed to do the job and the Hub member(s) that will be involved. We have three types of projects, depending on the cumulative time needed to do it
  • Short (less than 2 weeks),
  • Medium (less than 3 months) and
  • Long. Decisions concerning long projects are taken by the C3BI steering committee that meets every 4 months.
Hub members involved in collaborative projects can be embedded in your unit if a close cooperation is needed for more efficiency. The rules to welcome a Hub member in your lab are described here.

You can have an overview of all the ongoing projects here.

All projects submitted to the HUB, since it's creation, by the different Units of the campus
All projects submitted to the HUB, since it’s creation, by the different Units of the campus